Action Plan

Examine Your Motives:

Make sure you want to start a telephone answering service (TAS) for the right reasons and have realistic expectations. Most people are motivated to start an answering service for one of the following ill-advised reasons:

  • They don't like the answering service that they are currently using

  • They work at a TAS and think they can do it better.

  • They heard an answering service is a great way to make lots of money.

The first two reasons are risky motives, while the third is a faulty expectation. If you enjoy serving others, like to talk on the phone, and thrive in a varied and fast past situation, then starting a telephone answering service may be a means to put those traits into practice. In the course of doing so, you will have the potential to earn a moderate income. The chances of getting rich from owning a phone answering service are slim, but a modest living is achievable with hard work and effort.

If you are still interesting in moving forward, check out the next step.

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