Action Plan

Research the Industry:

It is said that knowledge is power. Therefore, the more you learn and know about the telephone answering service (TAS) industry, the greater your chances are of being successful.

To do so, you can read industry publications, join answering service associations, read industry literature, and talk with vendors. The Internet is also a source of information, some sites are valuable, but some are not. In general, be careful about other advice you find on the Internet. Some Internet information about answering services is decades out of date and some is just plain wrong. Make sure that any Internet information is provided by a reputable person who is currently involved in the industry.

Talking with owners of other telephone answering services is often very helpful. However, keep in mind that you represent a future competitor to them, so most TAS owners will therefore be quite reluctant and very cautious about sharing information with you that could ultimately hurt their own business. If you do find an owner willing to help you, treat them with great respect and be care not to overuse their good nature.

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