Action Plan

Begin Preliminary Marketing:

This is the other critical step and where most start-up telephone answering services fail. Phone answering service is an intangible, commodity-like service that is hard to sell. Even clients who are unhappy with their present answering service are reluctant to switch because of fear of the unknown and a worry that your service may be even worse. In addition, since you are just starting out, you don't even have an office or staff to show off to your prospects.

At minimum, you need:

  • Business cards

  • An inexpensive, but professional looking brochure

  • A service and price list (these three items must all match each other)

  • Sources for leads (join professional organizations and leads groups)

  • Professional attire to wear when making sales calls

  • The willingness to diligently keep selling, no matter how many people say "no."

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