Action Plan

Find a Location:

You likely already have a location for your telephone answering service in mind. This is actually a step that people tend to do too early. However, if you don't yet have a location, now is the time to find one, negotiate the terms (either to rent, sub-lease, or buy), and sign the paperwork. If possible, delay the actual start date (that is, the time when you have to begin making payments) until the week before your equipment will arrive or the phone lines will be installed.

Generally, you do not need a visible or prestigious location (unless that is integral to your business plan). Clients will not typically visit your office, though some might want to check things out beforehand.

There are two primary considerations in location. One is proximity to the phone company, as some phone services that you may need are charged by mileage. So the further you are from their office, the higher your monthly phone costs might be.

The other consideration, perhaps more important, is being accessible to your target labor market. This includes being near transit systems and main thoroughfares. Ample parking for your staff is a nice bonus. Of paramount importance is that it must be in a safe location and secure area. If employees are afraid of the neighborhood or fear for their safety (remember, you will have staff coming and going at all hours), then it will be hard to hire adequate and capable staff.

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