Action Plan

Buy and Install Equipment:

Once you buy the equipment, your vendor will install it and provide basic training. They will also be able to tell you when you need to place your order with them to have the system installed and staff trained for your launch date. Depending on how quickly your vendor can ship your equipment, you may need to place your phone order first, which is listed as the next step, but may need to be done first

Stay in regular contact with you vendor. Make sure that you are doing what they  require of you (such as signing paperwork and making payments) so as to not delay the shipment. Also, if there is a delay on their end, by being in regular contact you will be alerted and can make necessary adjustments to your timeline, plans, and launch date.

You will want to make sure you are nearby and available during the installation. There will be installation decisions that will need to be made, such as placement or wiring paths. You will also need to know basic technical information about the system (such as how to restart it or do a backup) and the installers are likely the ideal people to show you. If you are not present, decisions will be made without you and key knowledge might not be communicated.

For training, block out your entire schedule when the trainer will be onsite. You will need unrestricted time with no distractions in order to maximize the learning experience. Remember that since you have not hired any staff yet, you will be the one to train them once they are hired. So, better learn all you can while the trainer is there. Not only will you be trained on how to take calls, but also on how to program the system. It is advisable to take notes, as there will be a great deal to learn is a short time.

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