Action Plan

Order Phone and Internet Service:

Telephone answering service (TAS) equipment requires special phone service, which all too many phone company reps do not even understand, so don’t try to do order phone service (except for one standard business line) on your own. Depending on the equipment you buy, you may need to order DID service, ISDN, T1, or other strange sounding items, in addition to regular phone lines. You will also need Internet access, the type and speed of which will depend on the services and features of your equipment.

Many TAS vendors will order your phone service for you. At the very least, they will tell you what to order.

Unfortunately, this step is the one that is most like to encounter delays and problems. To be safe, place your order so that the due date is at least a week before your vendor says they need it. Most items will need to in and working when your phone answering service vendor's installer is onsite, but circuits some may not be needed until the trainer is there, while it is possible that a few items can be delayed until your launch date.

Again, remember to pad each of these by one week. (Longer is better, but then you end up paying for service you aren't and can't use.)

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