Action Plan

Hire and Train Staff:

You will need a minimum of one other person, but it is better to have two or three more. (It will take four people, each working 42 hours a week to staff your answering service around the clock!)

Assuming that the staff you hire needs to give two-weeks notice to their current employer, start hiring one month before your launch date. This allows one week to interview candidates, make your selections, and extend offers, two-weeks for them to give notice, and the final week to train them.   Your target launch date should follow immediately after the conclusion of training.

Keep in mind that you will likely be doing the training yourself, though sometimes your phone answering service vendor will send a trainer back for a second visit to train additional staff.

At this time, you will have a working system and should have phone service connected to it,. This means that you and your new staff can place test calls to each other. This allows everyone to practice on real phone calls, but without the pressure of learning on your clients' callers.

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